Will the lockdown extend in Tamil Nadu? Total Death Cases 15,301 in India

CM Edappadi Palanisami and Minister Velumani in Govt bus explaining Corona precautions
CM Edappadi Palanisami and Minister Velumani in Govt bus explaining Corona precautions

Will the lockdown extend in Tamil Nadu? Coronavirus infection cases cross 5 lakhs with the highest numbers yesterday, June 26 of 17,296 cases and total death of 15,301 cases. Prime minister highly praised the UP government for its excellent handling of coronavirus crisis and successfully safeguarding the migrants.

International flights and trains have been again canceled in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and other cities record the highest infection cases so far. Chief minister to decide on continuing lockdown in Tamil Nadu on Monday after consulting the expert medical panel. 

Coronavirus in India: As per Worldmeter, India, as of now, is having a total of 509,446 infection cases, and 15,689 deaths. Maharashtra recorded for the first time more than 5,000 cases, followed by Tamil Nadu with 3,645 and Delhi with 3,460 cases. CBSE remaining exams for the tenth and twelfth standards were postponed with an opt-in for the twelfth standard students to write the exams later for better marks.

Indian Railways again canceled all the bookings of trains up to August 12. From May 12, the train services resumed after the sudden lockdown on the midnight of March 25. Now again, all the regular mail, express, and passenger services are canceled. From May 25, domestic flights started operation, and now all the international flights are canceled until July 15.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: There are more than 3,000 infection cases in Tamil Nadu for the second day, with today's tally of 3,645 cases taking the total tally to 74,622. The rise in other districts is also continuously increasing, with 1,358 cases today. The number of deaths yesterday is 46 bringing the total deaths in Tamil Nadu to cross 900.

Coronavirus in Chennai: Chennai recording the highest number of cases so far of 1,956 cases is to cross 50,000 cases with 49,690 cases now. The increasing number of testing in the danger zones in Chennai has led to the rise in the coronavirus infections. Until the intense lockdown is in place on June 30, this continuous testing will raise the number of cases. Only on isolating these infected persons by gaining their confidence, the spread in Chennai will come under control.

The prime minister congratulates the UP government for its successful handling of the corona crisis. The Tamil Nadu chief minister is saying there is no community spread of coronavirus infections in Tamil Nadu. But the total cases in India have crossed five lakhs, and Tamil Nadu is the third-worst affected in the country.

There are also rumors of continuing the lockdown again, which the chief minister may decide on Monday, June 29. It is only the people suffering now with thousands dying and crores losing their livelihood because of this deadly pathogen and lockdowns