Youth Killed Himself Due To Hallucination And Depression In Coimbatore

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A sad incident that happened in Coimbatore, where a newlywed groom attempted suicide due to depression and hallucination, has caused a huge stir in the locality.

Ashwin (27), an IT professional from Kumara Palayam, Coimbatore, worked in Chennai. He was married to a woman from Karur on February 19, 2024. After marriage, they both lived alone at Gingee.

In this situation, when Ashwin's wife woke up in the morning on the day of the incident, she couldn't find her husband in the house. She searched here everywhere inside the house and was shocked to see him hanging by covering the polythene cover on his face.

Out of shock, she screamed and informed her parents. When she took her husband Ashwin to the hospital, he died on the way. When the police investigated Ashwin's death, it was revealed that he killed himself due to depression and hallucinations.

It was said that Ashwin was undergoing treatment for hallucinations and was taking medicines for that. In a suicide audio, Ashwin said that he was disturbed a lot and was hearing different voices and asked sorry to his parents. He didn't know what reality was.

He also said that he attempted to kill himself by current shock, but he vomited, and so it became a failure. He even tried snake biting and wandered inside the forest, but he couldn't find any snakes, so he made this decision.

Ashwin confessed to his wife in the audio and mentioned that he said about this to his wife over a phone call, and also he needed to visit psychiatrists, but she didn't consider this much. This unexpected death shook Ashwin's family.