Ameca Humanoid Robot At Museum Of Future In Dubai Gathers Attention

Image Credit: European Pressphoto Agency
Image Credit: European Pressphoto Agency

A robot named Ameca is gaining much attention among tech lovers on social media. The robot is highly sophisticated. The management has announced this robot as one of the employees in the museum. A video of the Ameca robot has been posted on their social media page.

Ameca welcomes visitors to the museum and acts as the museum's guide for the visitor. Ameca is built to speak multiple languages. It is reported that this will be very useful for tourists from outside.

In a video released by the Future Museum, Ameca is seen conversing with a museum employee in Emirati. It has been mentioned that the world's most advanced humanoid robot has joined the Future Museum.

The video of the Ameca robot has gone viral on social media. Many netizens are excited to see Ameca and post comments about the technological development.