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Adobe Photoshop Updates: Can AI Replace Human Editors?

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe introduced a new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Photoshop software. Adobe’s new Firefly Image 3 foundation model is currently available in Photoshop beta, a desktop app, and the model will be released later this year.

Adobe is a Photoshop app that is used as a photo editing tool and is widely used by graphic designers. The Adobe team has set its path to AI-featured editing. Adobe Photoshop shows its new generative AI Firefly Image 3 features on its official YouTube page.

Reference Image:


The reference image helps the users generate similar images by style and colour. This feature avoids the describing process of finding a particular picture with a unique style and colour. 

Using the feature simply processes and helps generate the pictures. Users can only reference images they have the right to use. Any images uploaded as reference materials will not be used to train Firefly.

Generate Background:


In this Firefly feature, AI is used to generate different backgrounds. Changing the background requires more time but with Firefly features it is easy to change the background which perfectly fits the image. The feature comes with multiple background options which gives users more choices to choose for the background.

Generate Similar:

Generate Similar is a feature used to generate similar images. This Firefly will generate a similar image to the image the user provided and help to use or replace it.

This Firefly Image 3 will reduce the time consumption while photoshopping. Other than  AI features, Adobe has added additional tools such as the Adjustment Brush for making non-destructive adjustments to specific parts of images. They have also improved the font browsing experience and added adjustment presets.