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Alanganallur Jallikattu 2024: Abi Sithar Blame Politics Over Judgement

Jallikattu Representative

While the world-famous Alanganallur jallikattu competition ended enthusiastically on the occasion of Pongal, a complaint raised by a Jallikattu participant, who was announced as the second prize, has created a stir.

Minister Udayanidhi Stalin inaugurated the Alanganallur competition at Alanganallur of Madurai district, a famous field for jallikattu. It was held in 10 rounds till 6 pm. Five hundred participants, with 810 bulls, participated in this competition.

Karthik from Karuppayurani, Madurai district, was announced as the competition winner after 6 pm by taming 18 bulls. He got a Nissan car worth seven lakhs as a prize.

Subsequently, a player named Abi Sithar from Sivagangai district, who caught 17 bulls, was announced as the second runner-up, and a bike prize was awarded.

In this case, Abi Sithar, who was announced as the second prize, refused to buy the motorcycle prize for himself and left. He said, "I won the first prize by catching 30 cows last year. Even then, they did politics, saying that only 26 cows were caught. I did not get the first prize due to Minister Murthy. I caught more bulls. I don't even need a car prize, just declare me first place.

Karthik, who has been announced as the first, has come to the competition on recommendation. Jallikattu must analyze the video and declare who is really on top. I will file a case in the High Court regarding this. Since Karthik is the constituency of Minister Murthy, who has been announced as the first prize, there is a conspiracy throughout the competition to make him win it. 

Political interference in the Alanganallur jallikattu competition leads to such disturbances. During the final round, they tried restraining the bulls and did various things to me." He also said that it was wrong to hold the Jallikattu match after 6 o'clock.

At the same time, Minister P. Murthy denied this allegation, saying, "The officers who have been closely monitoring the jallikattu competition since morning, the prizes were announced according to the decision of the jallikattu committee. They did not see any bias in this."