Amazon Plans To Layoff 10,000 to 20,000 Employees Soon?


Many tech companies are reportedly laying off large numbers of employees to save costs, and the layoffs will continue into next year. It is because of the unexpected economic slowdown. These layoffs have made many employees' life miserable.

Many tech companies reportedly face revenue losses, especially after the Covid Pandemic. It is said that leading companies, namely Google and Amazon, are expected to lay off thousands of employees soon.

Unlike other tech companies, Amazon has officially announced layoffs. Amazon is reportedly planning to lay off 20,000 people, though the company did not disclose the exact number of employees to be laid off. It is rumoured that more layoffs than expected count.

Amazon's CEO recently announced that the layoff process will continue for a few months and that the company will notify affected employees once it evaluates everything. Hence, layoffs may have increased as all departments are rigorously reviewed to save costs. It also confirmed that the process will continue till early 2023. 

But Amazon was looking to add more employees to the company's Amazon Web Services (AWS) business. In this case, Amazon has completely suspended the hiring. The company's cloud unit is said to be highly profitable and experiencing rapid growth.

It is note that However, Amazon was eager to increase the number of staff working for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division. Amazon has halted all hiring in this instance.