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Artificial Womb EctoLife Concept Can Come To Reality?


An explanatory video about the womb factory was released on the Internet last week and caused controversy. Some analysts have raised serious doubts about its problems in this context.

Research on how to give birth to babies using high technology has been intensified. Hashem Al-Ghaili also released an explanatory video explaining this. He said that 8,000 babies could be delivered annually through this womb factory. Each state-of-the-art lab can accommodate up to 400 growth pods. This video surprised many people. At the same time, it sparked controversy.

 Hashem Al-Ghaili plans to create something like a womb factory to create new babies. The only normal process involved is merging the male sperm and the female egg. All but this have been replaced by technology. They are going to create a device artificially to carry the fetus. He calls it growth pods that create the same environment as the mother's womb.

Thus children grow up in a safe environment. The embryo will grow in artificial amniotic fluid similar to that found in the woman's womb. The artificially created umbilical cord will deliver precisely designed hormones, antibodies and proteins necessary for growth, including oxygen, to the embryo.

Another tube is used to remove waste products excreted by the babies. Also, now that gene-editing technology is emerging, parents can select their child's traits. Parents can track how the baby is growing for nine months. He is also planning to develop an app for healthy children.

Through this, parents can check their child's health wherever they are. Al-Ghaili said that it was created to reduce the suffering of the mother. Every year, around 3 lakh women die during childbirth, which is prevented. It will also ensure that children get adequate nutrition.

Infertility is now the most important problem of all, and the main solution for it is that around 15% of couples worldwide are suffering from infertility problems. In men, sperm count continues to decline.

In particular, Japan, Bulgaria and South Korea are facing population decline. Analysts say it would be the best solution for these countries. With this, 8000 babies can be born annually in one place. Parents can push a button anytime, any day, and deliver the baby.

Also, after giving birth to a child, you can use the same pod again to give birth to as many children as you like. While one party welcomed it, the other party strongly opposed it. Some researchers say it can affect children's brain development.

Due to this, even if there is a small natural disaster, the human race will disappear. Because all children are brought up in the same environment, even a small disease can easily wipe them out," they warn.

Also, some fear this will even affect the bond between the child and the parents. Not only this, it will cause problems in many things, including breastfeeding, which is the beginning of the extinction of the human race. They have also warned that it is likely to become a point.