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Camera apps of Google and Samsung can be Used to Spy on You

Camera apps of Google and Samsung can be Used to Spy on You

Security researches at Checkmarx, a software security Platform, have found a very dangerous bug, which homes in Google Camera, and Samsung Camera apps. Checkmarx says that this bug comes in the form of an app that first appears to be a normal application that asks permission to access only the storage, which is common in every application. But it somehow manages to break the security line of the Android system and can access the phone's camera, the location, and can even take videos and record audios.

Somehow Google and Samsung have patched the vulnerability, but the worst case is that this dangerous bug is found in most other android software mobile phones, and Google is providing its security patch update to every other android device manufacturers (all its OEM partners).

This, again, is proof that security updates that are released should be installed. Mobile users should frequently check for the OS update releases and should maintain updating their OS every time to avoid such risks.

Checkmarx used a weather app to explain this spy threat to the public. A small click of permission to use the storage gained the attacker access to the phone's cameras.

To keep your phones safe and avoid such exploitations from hackers

  • Turn on play protect to keep your mobile safe from malicious applications or bugs.
  • Check if your battery is draining off quickly, somewhat not like it usually does. It may also be a sign that your phone is under attacked.
  • Quickly turn off the internet or disable your network service if you found out something is wrong in your mobile because the data that are stolen by the attackers are transferred to them only through the network connection.
  • Try using an Antivirus. Mobiles are not vulnerable to a virus is now an outdated perception
  • Dont use any website that is without an SSN.
  • Clear your browser cookies regularly.