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CES 2020: PS5 Logo Unveiled By Sony

PS5 Logo Unveiled By Sony. Image Courtesy- Playstation

Will the PS 5 bring the PC and console industry together? CES 2020 sets the stage for the coming together of the PC industry and console ecosystems apart from other technological gadgets.  Microsoft and Sony to launch new console generations later this year have made the strong PC gaming industry rethink its strategies to provide never before gaming landscape on TV or on the computer screen.

At the start of every new year, PC gaming companies during the first week of January will display their unique and acclaimed processers, monitors, graphics cards, and others, in CES. Until 2020, the PC industry will only show what was all of its products were raging last year and never allowed its console counterpart to surf in its turf.

This January CES 2020,  was in contrast to its previous years as it is stuck in a technical limbo with the new console generations from Microsoft and Sony releasing during the fall this year. There were not many new PC gaming announcements. It paves the way for a new generation of GPUs than can measure against the latest graphics chips performance.

PC games were dominating in the last seven years with their new launches. In 2013 they launched the run of the mill gaming PC that outdated all the new consoles at that time. Then in 2018, they began Nvidia's Turning architecture that outpaced Xbox one X and PS4 Pro. But now only with a $ 15 monthly cost, any Microsoft fan can play hundreds of games across Xbox One and PC. Also, the PS 5 launch expected this fall by Microsoft and Sony, the PC industry is trying to cater to the console audiences. All the above factors have brought the PC and console ecosystems together now like never before.

Jim Ryan, the Play Station boss, recently confirmed a few features of what to expect from PS 5. It will have more unique features than PS 4, and the console will have future proof technology. It includes high-speed SSD, Ultra HD Blu-ray, 3D audio, new controller, adaptive trigger, and hardware-based ray tracing. All the 100 million Play Station users have to wait until year-end to experience the new PS 5.