Delhi Metro Holi Viral Video Of Two Girls Deepfake or Reality?

Delhi Metro Holi Viral Video
Delhi Metro Holi Viral Video

A video of two women applying Holi colors in the Delhi Metro is gaining popularity on social media. The video features the two women sitting inside a metro train, swaying to a Hindi song playing in the background, and painting their cheeks with colors while sitting close to each other. However, the passengers were still inside the train. 

The emergence of deepfake videos has indeed raised concerns about the authenticity of online content. Deepfake technology allows for the manipulation of audio and video to create realistic but entirely fabricated footage, often featuring individuals doing or saying things they never actually did. This technology has the potential to be misused for various malicious purposes, including spreading misinformation, damaging reputations, and violating privacy.

After the video of two girls went viral on social media, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) issued a statement clarifying the matter. The DMRC, in its statement, called the video a work of deepfake and further said that it was analysing the footage and expressed concerns over potential violations of its policies.

Social media users are expressing concerns about a specific video, questioning its authenticity and whether it may be fake or deep fake. One user wrote, "We need a law against this asap," while another said, "I am embarrassed just seeing this video! Imagine the people in the background."