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Gmail Attachment Not Uploading Error How To Fix

Gmail Attachment Not Uploading Error How To Fix

What is wrong with Gmail not to attach or send mails? G-mail users worldwide were in for a rude shock from 11 AM today, August 20. They were not able to attach files, and if finally, it is attaching after a long time, it is not possible to send them to the receiver.

Google has officially acknowledged the issue, and confirms will update on it before 1:39 PM. With millions working from home, this issue is causing a lot of hardship and trending in social media.

G-mail down to not send mail

Many people worldwide were confused from 11 AM today of not able to attach files and send mails through Gmail. They were switching off to reboot the phones and the system to send the mail.

But unfortunately, most of them failed to attach the file or send it. It has caused a ruffle in the social media where many complained of G-mail down due to some issue. Only now, the use of G-mail and its importance are known to many as they were not able to send vital and crucial mails worldwide.

G Suit status dashboard

At 10:59 AM in the G suite status dashboard, there was a message that there is an investigation on the issue and will be solved shortly. It continued with two more messages and finally to confirm the status at 1:39 PM.

It seems that Google has identified the issue as not a service outage but only service interruption. Though there is an outage and some in social media claim to send gmails with attachments, still until 1:30 PM, the issue exists.

The best alternative for the Gmail users is to copy-paste the file in the mail and send it to the receiver. As only attaching and sending is a problem, the users can use this way temporarily to solve the issue. Hope Google, with its excellent team, solves the issue soon as millions are sitting before the systems unable to send vital emails.