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Google Assistant becomes modern-day walkie-talkie by sending hands-free audio messages

Send Audio Messages via Google Assistant

Google Assistant becomes modern-day walkie-talkie by sending hands-free audio messages: For the more than 100 million Play Store downloads to add value, the standalone Google Assistant app now becomes a modern-day walkie talkie. Starting from today, August 19, you can send audio clips hands-free in English worldwide and Portuguese in Brazil. All you need is an Android phone with cell service.

Google Assistant benefits

For more than four years now, Google Assistant has become part of most people living in the world. Started on May 18, 2016, this AI-powered virtual assistant gives tough competition to Alexa and Siri.

Many features are better, and with Android smartphones with most of the population, Google Assistant is growing in strength. From knowing the weather to the short routes to places and sending messages, hands-free is the highlight of Google Assistant so far.

Google Assistant hands-free way of sending audio messages

Now no more of saying Hello Google send a specific message to someone. Now Google Assistant has a dedicated user interface to send even audio messages to anyone in the world in English. And the Brazilian people can send Portuguese audio messages from today.

It is enough to say Hello Google, send an audio message to John that I am on my way. John will receive the audio message immediately. The message can be sent through SMS or Google Messages or WhatsApp. Additionally, Google had included the feature of reading web articles and snapping selfies with the voice.

With the resurging artificial intelligence, now sending audio messages is possible hands-free in Google Assistant. More such innovations are to make the life of people easy and comfortable in the future.