Huawei Smartphones have got High Demand from Philippine Tech Lovers

Huawei Smartphones
Huawei Smartphones

In recent days, Google is restricting the Chinese technology company Huawei to access many of its apps after the order from Trump that wants us firms from stop supplying services to the Chinese manufacturer. Yet we can see people leaving behind iPhone and switching to Huawei smartphone which will no longer support Google Apps and services. Huawei phones Run Google's Android operating system and the users have to obviously rely on popular Google Apps and services such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, Photos, Chrome and YouTube.

Non-google apps are also available like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. We can see customers who little hesitate because of the controversy. However, Huawei phones a popular choice for many customers. It is guessed that customers are carried away by the special warranty program and after-sales services that are being offered to the Huawei phones. The special warranty programs will have no issue when the uses of Google Apps and other services are concerned. All the retail partners have supported the special warranty program which reassures consumers it all Huawei devices purchased from them are fully equipped with ready to go Google services.

The Philippines have said that the Washington decision to ban Huawei in the US has a very little impact in the Philippines telecommunications industry. The Department of Information and Communications Technology has said that the US order will affect only US companies. This order may affect the supply chain of the Chinese company but will have a very little impact in the Philippines telecommunication industry.

The polis of the Philippines conducted an investigation into reports that Hawaii is into spying and found no evidence. The Philippines polar spokesperson Police Col. Bernard Banac has said that they have obtained pieces of evidence about Huawei's espionage but there is no proof on it.