India Blocks 232 Foreign Application For Gambling And Money Laundering

Representative Image
Representative Image

According to the source, 138 betting applications and 94 loan lending apps with connections to China have been blocked by the government.

With the development of electronic technology, many applications are coming up every day. Most of the applications attract youngsters easily. Without knowing the consequences, users easily download the applications and start.

The central government disables certain apps that threaten national security. In this way, the central government has currently blocked 232 apps operated by foreign companies. 

On the recommendation of the Union Home Ministry, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has issued an order for this. Loan servicing 138 of these apps involved betting, gambling and illegal money transfer. 

The remaining 94 apps were engaged in lending services without obtaining permission. Two separate directives disabled these. These apps include those from China. These were disabled as they threatened the country's economic stability. 

A senior official of the central government gave this information. The name of the restricted apps was not made public by the official.