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Indian-American Neal Mohan Appointed As The New CEO of YouTube

Neal Mohan New CEO Of YouTube

While Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Alphabet, Google's parent company, Mohan has been named CEO of YouTube, the parent company's video division. 

Neil Mohan began working for Google in 2008. He has worked in various departments at Google since its inception and is highly regarded. He was transferred to the YouTube division in 2012. He was named YouTube's chief production officer in 2015.

He was instrumental in making numerous changes to the YouTube app. His main contribution was making various changes, such as its content policy and contemporary look, as well as bringing short videos to YouTube. 

It is also worth noting that Mohan was instrumental in the launch of two of Google's most important products, YouTube TV and YouTube Music. It is worth noting that Mohan was directly involved in all of the design and coding.

Mohan was Google's vice president of video advertising for eight years. Mohan has been named CEO of YouTube, and his snow has been noticed here. Neil Mohan previously worked for Microsoft before joining Google. He held numerous important positions there before moving on to Google. 

He also worked for a few years for Stitch Fix, a genetic modification biotechnology company. Mohan previously worked at DoubleClick, which Google purchased in 2007. His role in building the company was important.