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Jio and Airtel: The war of Recharge plans

jio and airtel The war of Recharge plans

Will Jio win recharge plans war by its new announcement? The recharge plans war between Jio and Airtel is at its peak now. Both revised their recharge plans for their prepaid customers only in the first week of December. Within fifteen days, both have announced new recharge plans to lure their customers with many benefits. The war between the two is not only in recharge plans but also in the policy administration of the government.

Airtel became an underdog in the mobile data and voice plans as soon as Jio was introduced a few years back. But with Jio also starting to charge is customers from 6 December, now Airtel has started to give Jio, the run for their money.

Airtel comes up with two new annual plans for its prepaid customers with validity for 365 days. There are also additional benefits like free access to Wynk Music and Airtel Xstream Premium.

Airtel new plans

  • Rs. 1,498 plan provides unlimited voice calls, 24 GB data and 3,600 SMS
  • Rs. 2,398 plan offers unlimited calls, 1.5 GB daily, and 100 SMS

Jio new 2020 plans

  • Jio on 24 December announced its new '2020 Happy New Year Offer' to counter the cutthroat competition from Airtel.
  • Rs. 1,299 annual plan comes with 24 GB with 3,600 SMS, free jio to jio calls, and 12,000 minutes free for other network calls, including both on-net and off-net calling and gives free subscription to all Jio apps.
  • Rs. 2,199 annual plan with 1.5 GB per day, jio to jio free calls, 12,000 minutes free to other networks. This new year offer is for a limited period and is available from today. Jio does not yet announce the end date.
  • The third offer is for those who buy Jio handsets. It has a data limit of 0.5 GB per day, free jio to jio calls, and with FUP limits.
  • Jio, with the upper hand in the price tags of the new recharge plans, is also fighting it out with Airtel in bureaucracy. While Airtel wants the government to reform the M&A or Merger and Acquisition policy for fast and easy approvals, Reliance Jio wants the status quo in the system.
  • With the war raging between the two major telecom players, it is only the people who are benefiting from it.