Windows 11: Key Features Of Windows 11 And Requirements To Install

Windows 11 Screen
Windows 11 Screen

A minor update in windows will trigger a person to dive deep into the upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 10. And now, Windows 11 has made the window users more excited by its release. Windows 11 is an upcoming major release of the Windows NT operating system, introduced on June 24, 2021, under the development of Microsoft.

Windows 10, which was introduced six years ago, satisfied most of the users than Windows 9. The specifications on the newly introduced Windows 11 has attracted tech persons.  There seem similar interfaces between Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Designing segment grabbed the eyes of the users by its transparent design. The glassy design makes the screen look sensitive and modern. The edges of the design are round molded, and it decors the gassy effect. This design makes the taps more refreshing and cool.

Start Menu is the primary key in windows 11. Usually, the start menu will pop in the left corner in the previous windows, but in Windows 11, it is in the centre of the windows. Most of the tools are projected in the centre of the Screen in Windows 11. The start menu can be swapped to the user accordingly.

Start Menu has many options, whereas it displays the applications used frequently by the users and the recently used applications. There is no mixing up of all applications there, and the applications are displayed neatly and eye-catching.

As in android mobiles, Windows 11 too have many new widgets when swiped left. There are numbers of widgets that can be used according to the user's satisfaction. Each widget is styled with uniqueness with different tabs.

The next ley feature that stars in Windows 11 is Windows management control. These features will grab the views of users who use multi-tasking windows on their phone. This feature will let the user slit the screen accordingly. There comes a layout option to split the screen, which allowed the screen to break into users convenience.

Windows memorization has received a broad welcome from windows users because it always seems like a hectic task when connecting the lap to the other screen because the layout will mix up, and in some cases, the windows will go blank.

But in Windows 11, the memorization option is set with an excellent idea where the layout doesn't get disturbed when connecting to the other screen. New action and notification in Windows 11 is also an additional feature in this windows. Android application can be directed installed from the store. 

Store not only has application but also has a  category called entertainment where the movies and videos can be watched. Windows store shoulders with amazon app stores which allow downloading the application quickly.

To access the download, the user needs to sign to the windows and ID and then the user needs to sign in to their amazon ID. Windows 11 has built many gaming features with Auto HDR that captures the gamers attention. It is said that many new games will be launched in-store.

If a user needs to install Windows 11, it is mandatory to have 4 GB Ram and a dual-core processor with 8 Gen-Processor. When spotted to display, Windows 11 needs at least 750 HD Display. It is said that a trusted platform module security chip plays a significant role in installing Windows 11 because, without this chip, Windows 11 cannot be installed.