Latest Update in WhatsApp Beta gives Fingerprint Lock Features to Protect your Chat

Latest Update in WhatsApp Beta gives Fingerprint Lock
Latest Update in WhatsApp Beta gives Fingerprint Lock

No more worries with WhatsApp to be opened only by fingerprint identification from now

In this Digital data world, WhatsApp has implemented its new feature of allowing the opening of your WhatsApp only by your fingerprints. This new feature will bring an end to the fear and worries of private conversations and messages accessed by others. It was available to the iPhone users for a while now. And though it was announced by the Facebook in January this year, only from now it can be utilized in Android phones. No more worries with data of any kind in WhatsApp anymore with the fingerprint lock in Android phones.

WABetainfo being the site continuously watching the latest beta developments of WhatsApp has found this feature in Android phones yesterday. It reported that fingerprints could be used to lock the WhatsApp in your Android smartphones. It also confirmed that the fingerprint authentication would lock the whole app instead of a few chats. Its stable feature which is set to roll soon is sure a boon to millions of WhatsApp users.

How to get the fingerprint lock feature for WhatsApp in android phones?

The following is the step by step guide to avail the fingerprint lock feature for locking WhatsApp in android phones:

  • Should load the Android latest beta version 2.19.221 installed in your smartphones from the Google play store
  • Go to WhatsApp settings >Account?Privacy>Fingerprint lock
  • If you have already updated the latest version and do not see the fingerprint feature, go back to the chat history and reinstall the same WhatsApp version.
  • The Android phone needs to be running Android Marshmallow or higher, and the feature should have a fingerprint scanner
  • There are three options to choose to lock it
  • Lock immediately  - After 1 minute - After 30 minutes
  • If you choose the immediate option, you need to authenticate every time you close and open Whatsapp. The fifteen-minute option in the iOS app is not given now. It may be rolled out with the stable feature soon. 
  • If you do not see the feature in the beta program, you can sideload the APK via APK Mirror.
  • The widget content is hidden by default when the fingerprint lock is enabled in the Android phones. 
  • This Fingerprint lock option will enable the decade-old WhatsApp users to lock their Whatsapp data. It comes as a big relief to nearly 500 million of users in this high data theft world.