Menstrual Cups - All you need to know

Menstrual Cups - All you need to know
Menstrual Cups - All you need to know

Menstrual Cups - All you need to know

Do you know that a hundred-year-old patent device is still new to everybody? It is a hygiene device which has a large impact on women's safety and hygiene as well as waste disposal comprehensively.

It was neglected because of religious and cultural beliefs and was even considered a taboo. The article talks on menstrual cups.

What is the Menstrual Cup?

It is a female hygiene device which is used during the times of menstruation. It is inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual fluid. Menstrual fluid is the blood from the uterine lining. 

What it is made up of?

It is made up of flexible medical grade silicone and has a bell-like shape with the stem. The stem will be in handy for insertion and removal. The bell shape of the mensural cup will seal the vaginal wall below the cervix.

Menstrual Cups - All you need to know

What is the price of a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup that can last for 10 years costs up to $40. They are available even for less price. It is absolutely cost-effective as the disposable pads and tampons cost up to $60 to $120. Available in India with 1 device costs around Rs. 319, can get it in Flipkart and Firstcry websites.

Distinct points from the first comprehensive analysis

The remarkable facts of menstrual cups are that they are safe, effective, and less expensive.

Unfortunately, it is very little known and used devices by women. But now the world has become ripe enough where even women talk about it publicly.

The first time use of a menstrual cup leads to a number of cases that experience toxic shock syndrome. But many scholars do not agree on this. They clarify that this would be because of other infections.

Pros of a menstrual cup

You can remove the menstrual cup for 4 to 12 hours depending on the level of flow. You can remove, empty, rinse and re-insert it. Soon after the completion of the period, it should be boiled for at least 5 minutes to sterilize it.

The same can be used for the next month. Alternative like tampons and pads will absorb the menstrual fluid. 

However, the menstrual cup will collect it. You can use a menstrual cup for about five years or more. It is highly cost-effective as it reduces the long term cost on the purchase of disposable tampons and pads.

It reduces the waste generation as well. Further, menstrual cups are reusable. Menstrual cups are considered as a safe option comparing the other forms of mensural hygiene.

Experts opinion

Menstrual Cups - All you need to know Introducing the Menstrual Cup to women's groups in Meru. SuSanA Secretariat

Menstrual cups are a boon to the group of women in the low-income category. They will never experience the so-called period of poverty.

Girls do not have to miss school during their days of periods as just because they don't have sanitary pads. It will also help girls who are in heavy jobs as they are as effective in the prevention of leakages like pads and tampons.

It is important to know about the learning curve for new users. The survey says that 73% of women started using menstrual cups would likely to continue.