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Microsoft To Layoff Ten Thousand Employees From Today

Microsoft building in Vancouver, Canada

In recent days, companies including Facebook and Amazon have announced layoffs, and now Microsoft has also joined the ranks. It has been reported that 10,000 people will be fired from the company. This has shocked the employees.

Microsoft has already announced company-wide layoffs in October and July. However, after this, there are reports that they are going to announce retrenchment. But Microsoft has not made an official announcement regarding this.

The company laid off around 1,000 people last October. After that, it said that additional people will be recruited. But the company did not hire any such people. On the 24th, Microsoft will release its report for the second quarter. At this time, there is talk among employees that they are engaged in layoffs.

The point to be noted here is that Microsoft, which was running at a heavy loss until 2017, started moving towards some profit after 2017. By 2022, the company had seen significant gains from 'cloud-computing'. It is in this situation that retrenchment has been carried out. Not only Microsoft but many companies internationally are engaged in downsizing.