Modern OS from Microsoft to Become a Reality Only in 2020

Modern OS from Microsoft
Modern OS from Microsoft

Today at the Computex 2019, many were expecting to confirm the rumors about Microsoft's new core Modern OS announcement. But its corporate vice president, Nick Parker only hinted Microsoft preparing itself from 2017 to develop a new Modern OS from Microsoft for new device types. He did not unveil the much expected Windows Lite.

Need for a new modern OS for the newly built devices: New PCs from significant companies like Dell, Acer, ASUS, HP, MSI, and Lenovo will require a new operating system. It is the reason for Microsoft to develop its next version of Windows 10 secretly. And Parker calls it both Modern OS from Microsoft and a modern OS for reasons only known to him. He insists that the new eco-friendly devices built need the new modern operating system from Microsoft.

What are the expected features of the new Modern OS from Microsoft: As from the hints from various blogs and other Microsoft news, the following are the expected features of the new Modern OS:

  • The update experience of Modern OS is deterministic, reliable, and instant with no interruptions
  • It could be more like Chrome OS
  • It may not appear like Windows 10
  • It would be secure by default. It will protect the user from all kinds of malicious attacks throughout the device life cycle.
  • It may include modern Wi-Fi and LTE 5G to stay always connected
  • With the Modern OS, the users never have to worry about dead spots as the users devices are aware all the time being always connected.
  • It will provide sustained performance, and the user from the moment picks up the device all is set to go.
  • It could include a set of delighted to deliver innovative human-centric experiences
  • The user can have all kinds of input methods making it a multi-sense
  • It may come with sensor support to provide the ultimate in form factor agility
Many hints are galore that it could already apply to Windows as it exists today. But there are other reports that it is focusing on enabling cloud-connected experiences. It may use the computer power of the cloud to enhance users experiences on their devices for this Modern OS from Microsoft. Whatever may be the hints and rumors as of today, Microsoft is not unveiled, and everyone have to wait till 2020 for it.