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New SIM Card Rules by The Department of Telecommunications India

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New rules for buying SIM cards in India have been enacted today (December 1). In the updated regulations, the government now requires mandatory verification of SIM card vendors and has eliminated the provision for bulk connections. This strategic decision is targeted at mitigating online financial fraud.

New SIM Card Rules:

This new regulation will drastically reduce or significantly change cyber crimes in India. The new rules have been announced for the safety of citizens. Accordingly, the regulations on the bulk sale of SIM cards and who can sell them have been changed.

Under the new terms, it is said that more details will be collected about the customer while purchasing a new SIM. This way, the concerned person can be easily contacted if needed.

According to the updated regulations, providing demographic information will be a compulsory step for acquiring new SIM cards or requesting a new SIM for an existing number. This essential information will be obtained by scanning the QR code on the individual's Aadhar card during the SIM card application process.

Know Your Customer (KYC) Process:

Significantly, a new mobile number will only be allocated to a fresh customer following 90 days of disconnection by the previous user. The regulations additionally specify that subscribers must complete the entire Know Your Customer (KYC) process for SIM replacements, and there will be a 24-hour restriction on both outgoing and incoming SMS services.

If they refuse to accept the new norms, the government will impose a maximum fine of Rs. 10 lakhs. Also, note that there is a limit to purchasing SIM cards. According to it, one can purchase a maximum of 9 SIM cards using his identity proof for personal use.

This initiative is designed to eradicate unscrupulous Point of Sale (PoS) agents involved in fraudulent activities, such as providing SIM cards to individuals with antisocial or anti-national affiliations. The government has mandated that any current PoS agents participating in unlawful practices will be terminated.