Big Billion days by online sites are how far profitable??

Big Billion days by online sites are how far profitable
Big Billion days by online sites are how far profitable

Online sales and offers are the talk of the town, and this is buzzing everywhere. How it is possible? Who is the loser? Gone are the day where we had the perception that all the online products are shelf space expired products. 

In every retail shop, there is a discipline followed that more than the standard stipulated time the product should not be shelved. Once the time knocks, all those products will be hanging in the offer zone. 

If those are not moved even in offers, it would be listed online for sales with unimaginable offers. This is the backstory of online sales during olden times.

It is not the case now. The product chain involves manufacturing, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers and customers. In this chain we consider dealers, distributors and retailers as middlemen.

Online sites like Flip kart Amazon and others talk to the manufacturers and getting into an agreement to list the products directly on their sites satiating their margin. Manufactures do not lose anything instead of saving operational costs due to bypassing the middlemen.

Not bypassing totally, they are able to somehow manage to reduce the operational cost. Online site owners get the same at the manufacturing rates and feature the products by compromising their margins a little and also making profits.

They are habituating us to buy products from the site. This is equivalent to us getting used to JIO for the internet. One GB per day amazing offer, which almost shuts the other operators. Although the take-off time was a little high, the customers got used to using JIO and till now, JIO is able to give the Internet at a reduced cost.

So we were made fools by others for a long time. As other operators are not becoming technologically advanced, they had to shut their operations. Aircel is one of the anecdotes.

Also, these companies have analysis in place on when is the season time. When will the public never think of spending money? It is all during the festival time, especially Diwali. Their hard-earned money will slip off their hands without much thoughts.

Now, if the "not moving much" products or "shelved a long time" products are given unbelievable offers with a catch like the minimum purchase amount, then profits will just be bagged coolly and the shelved products will not go waste instead earn a loss at least without being zeroed.

Finally, if you are a consumer not holding any business, then you are at the profit ground. But any business you run with a space, remember you are counting loss. Hence these sales are not only to entice consumers but to pocket their hard-earned money without much struggle.