Roomba S9 and Bravaa Jet M6 from iRobot Sparks the Floors and Walls

Roomba S9 and Bravaa Image: iRobot
Roomba S9 and Bravaa Image: iRobot

For sparkling floors and walls in homes offices automatically cleaned by robots, it is time to check Roomba and Bravaa combination by iRobot. They not only clean the floors automatically but also dump the waste. It will increase the contribution of iRobots to the prediction of the consumer robot sales to increase from the current 5.6 billion to 19 billion dollars in 2025.

1299 dollars Roomba's new version s 9+ is better in cleaning walls corners: The latest version of Roomba S 9+ is the best in cleaning robots market space. It is equipped with better features to clean the walls and corners thoroughly. Costing 1299 dollars Roomba's new version has the following features:

  • It is now powered with forty times more of suction than its previous version of Roomba 600-series
  • It is not round as it used to be, but it is now vacuum flat on one end to help clean corners better
  • It's new five smaller brushers instead of the previous three helps to clean corners in an efficient way
  • The brushes are 30 % wider in the latest version
  • Now it comes with a 3D sensor to help it move around in large rooms and easily clean walls and floors

    500 dollars Bravaa Jet M6 cleans 1000 square meters in one go: The gigantic mopping robot in the market Bravaa costs 499 dollars and cleans 1,000 square feet at once. The other features of it include:
    • It spills water and cleans the floor till it sparkles
    • It is smarter now to detect hard messes which are not easy to clean on the floor and spends more time to clean it.
    • It also comes with a dry pad option to clean quicker, and it relies on electrostatic to collect debris.

    The combination of Roomba S 9+ Bravaa Jet m 6 with Alexa does cleaning in one order: After a few cleanups, the combination of Roomba S 9+ and Jet m 6 will develop an accurate floor plan. Then it is only the work of labelling them appropriately in the iRobot app. Then with the help of Alexa, in one order, the office or home is cleaned to sparkle. With the increase in tariff on the Chinese products, it is time that iRobot has made this combination of Roomba S 9+ and Bravaa jet m 6 affordable in cost also. It will be available from June 9 to retain its top position in the robot market.