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Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package, Announced by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Anniversary Premium Package, Announced by Samsung

It has been ten years since Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy series. Now the smartphone giant plans to celebrate the birth of Samsung Galaxy with a special gift package that includes three specific items that every gadget lovers wish to own someday.

As per the source, the gift package has been set to sale by the end of this month. While the Samsung Galaxy S11 has already been doubted to release by February 2020, this gif package seems like more an add on. 

The official handle of Samsung Newsroom said that the gift package ultimately comes with Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. With the Note 10+, the company has also planned to gift a seamlessly connected environment for a user with another two gadgets. They are Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Buds.

As Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ was already enabled with power-sharing technology, the other two devices could be charged from the phone in a wireless environment.

Along with the above mentioned three, the brand added a stylish Silicon Cover for Galaxy Note 10 to protect the mobile from sacrificing its look. To make the Galaxy Watch Active 2 a unisex using gadget, Samsung added two watch straps(Pink and Black) in the box.

As it was mentioned as a gift package, it makes no sense to expect this package for free. All the inclusion in the box will clock $1,400. So the package can be expected in or around that price.