Pre-Order Price of Samsung Galaxy Fold shocked Customers in India

Pre-Order Price of Samsung Galaxy Fold shocked Customers in India
Pre-Order Price of Samsung Galaxy Fold shocked Customers in India

Pre-Order Price of Samsung Galaxy Fold shocked Customers in India: Are you Samsung Galaxy customers and like to switch from Tablet to Something more easier with a foldable option? yes, it's better to be with Samsung Galaxy Fold which is ready to Pre-Order. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone Pre-Order price is Rupees one hundred forty-nine thousand only Rs. 149,000. Actual price said to be Rs. 1,64,999 . Pre-order, never like before with huge price. Compare to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 pre-order was free with just email registration and customers can fetch mobile from stores.

Bust Samsung Galaxy Fold unlikely almost 95% of downpayment for Pre-order. Galaxy Fold phone got very good business features and attracts more people who like to be in an attractive style, matches it. "Pro-Booking only at Retail store"

Order Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones from 4th to get delivery on 20th October: The first foldable Android Samsung Galaxy smartphone is now launched in India, and preorders start from 4th October to get it in your hand from 20th. It was initially unveiled during the Mobile World Conference in February 2019.

But due to criticism over its durability by the reviewers, the commercial launch was put on hold indefinitely. Now the new video by Samsung announcing its launch in India confirms that the display comes with a protective film. Now you only need Rs. 1,49,000 to preorder your Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The reason for Samsung Galaxy Fold to be put on hold in February this year and its rectification now: The reviewers on receiving Samsung Galaxy Fold units in February found them damaged while peeling off an important film on display. It caused a lot of doubts about its durability and usage. Hence it was put on hold indefinitely.

Only after nearly six months now, it comes with minor but crucial changes in the design to fix the said issues. It includes extending the top protective layer beyond the bezel to make it an integral part of the display. Now there are more protection caps at the top and bottom along with metal layers below the Infinity Flex display to fix the issues and provide more protection.

Also, the released video asks the future users to use a light touch, keep the hinges away from the water and dust. Due to the magnets inside the hinges, users are asked to keep credit cards and keys away from the smartphone.

Features & Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Fully protected 7.3 inches Infinite Flex Dynamic AMOLED display with a QXGA + 1536 x 2152 pixel resolution 
  • When folded the smaller display is 4.6 inches HD + super AMOLED display with 720 x 1680 resolution and surrounded by thick bezels to support seamless transition and app continuity
  • Has a Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm) paired with 12 GB RAM and 512 GB Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (UFS).
  • Fixed with two batteries on both the sides with a combined capacity of 4,380 mAh with USB Type C fast charging
  • It comes with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner
  • There are six cameras with dual cameras on the front with 10MP f/2.2 lens and an 8MP f/1.9 RGB depth sensor
  • The rear camera has triple sensors with a 16 MP f/2/2 ultra-wide lens a 12MP f/1.5-f/2.4 lens, and a 12MP f/2.4 lens with 2x optical zoom.
  • No 3.5mm Jack but with Dolby Atmos sound Tuned by AKG
  • It boots on Android 9.0 pie-based One UI to run three apps simultaneously
  • Sim slots in Nano-SIM, Electronic SIM card (eSIM)

All the features and specifications, including the rectification, add value to the first folding smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold in India. But if you are ready to pay the price of Rs. 1,49,000, you can order it from 4th to enjoy all its features from 20th October.

Pre-Order Price of Samsung Galaxy Fold shocked Customers in India Samsung Galaxy Fold - InBox