Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Photo with Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Photo with Specs
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Photo with Specs

Samsung Note 10 Unpack happens on August 8th 2019:

The Samsung fever gripped the world over again with the expected new launch of its 10th version on August 8. 

The rumour mills are busy grinding all kinds of rumours of the new and fantastic features of it. 

Nobody knows where the photos come, but they are eye-catchy and increase the expectations of it.

How many of them will be realistic is for anyone's guess. But some basic ones that are doing the rounds for some time now could be true.  

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Photo with Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Photo with Specs

Samsung Galaxy 10 in its two forms to be far better than its earlier Galaxy 9:

Some of them make the South Korean giant Samsung Galaxy 10  Note, a far better version than its previous Galaxy 9.

From all the rumours, one thing is sure that the 10 version is coming in two forms.  One is a larger pro version and the smaller Samsung Galaxy 10.

The less crazy rumours floating around the world of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 include:

  • Samsung's July 16 filing in the European Union Intellectual property office  Samsung to change the name to Samsung LED illuminated raised rumours of the new handsets to have  LED possibly around the front-facing cameras embedded in the screen.
  • The S Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will support gesture controls to navigate and produce context-appropriate sounds. In other words, it will sound like a highlighter marker when using a highlighted text. Also, the gesture control will enable to navigate OS without even touching the screen. This facility is to be available on both devices. The S pen will also support 4096 pressure levels and rated as IP68.
  • Its video will include 'Zoom Audio' which is a feature introduced in 2013 of recording only one source of sound while blocking others.  
  • It has a USB – C port, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, support for WiFi 6, and Android Pie with Samsung's One User Interface. 
  • The larger version Note 10 Pro is to weigh 198 grams and the smaller to weigh 168 grams lesser than the 9th version of 201 grams.  
  • The Note 10 Pro will come in QHD + and the smaller one with FHD + which seems to be lower than its 9th version of QHD + with 1440 X 2960 resolution. 
  • The screen is also said to be smaller with 6.3 inches to that of its 9th version with 6.4 inches.
  • Absence of 3.5 mm audio jack in Note 10 will have provision for 100mAh of capacity and thus increasing the pro's battery to 4300mAh and that of the smaller one to 3500mAh.Hence the recharging will be capped at 25 W for the smaller one and 45W for the pro. 

All the above facts are only rumours, but the fact is the first version to be released for Europe is SMN970F model, which is a lower tier one.

It will differ in many aspects primarily in the processor department of its release in the US on August 7 this year.

The sales will start there from August 23 with a starting price of 999 Euros. 

Wait for one more month to have the best of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to end the rumours and use it in reality.