Taiwan Visit: OnePlus And Motorola Cancelled Launch Events In China

OnePlus And Motorola
OnePlus And Motorola

China has strongly condemned US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's support for Taiwan. In response, 21 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan's airspace. A high tension has been in the surrounding. 

Despite the tense situation on the border of the two countries, Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan without any change and said that the United States was supporting Taiwan. In this case, two important smartphone companies have released important announcements.

Motorola surprisingly cancelled its new Razr 2022 and Edge X30 Ultra launch event just a few hours ago. Motorola's non-disclosure of the reason for the event's cancellation has raised many questions. "I'm sorry to inform you that the moto new product launch scheduled for 7:30 tonight has been cancelled for some reason. We still sincerely hope to bring new moto products to everyone and still be the Moto that Chinese users like," wrote Chen Jin, reported Android Authority.

Soon after Motorola announced, OnePlus also said it would not launch the OnePlus 10T in China. The smartphone users who were waiting for these flagship phones are very disappointed.