TEMI AI Driven Robot To Assist Passengers At Coimbatore Airport

Robot At Coimbatore Airport
Robot At Coimbatore Airport

'Temi' robot manufacturer has provided two robots to Coimbatore Airport to assist the passengers at the departure and arrival terminal. These robots can communicate in English. It is noteworthy that work is being done to connect these robots to communicate in other languages also.

For the first time in Tamil Nadu, two robots are introduced at the Coimbatore International Airport to assist passengers. The project is to be carried out on a trial basis for the first six months from yesterday. Coimbatore International Airport is one of the important and busiest airports in Tamil Nadu. These robots are there to provide passengers with a variety of assistance to the passengers, including the way to board the plane.

Now the assistance is made to the passengers via technology, and the passengers welcome this robotic assistance. These Temi robots are supposed to operate with artificial intelligence. These robots' assistance came into effect yesterday evening. One robot will land at the departure terminal, and another robot will land at the arrival terminal. These robots can provide passengers with the complete information they need.

This robot can move automatically without anyone's help. It will welcome the passengers arriving at the airport and give them the necessary information. Also, if the passenger wants to contact the help centre, the robot will immediately contact the help centre and provide information. These robots are there to inform passengers of routes to destinations, including passport verification, which is the way to board a passenger plane.

In case if the robots are unable to respond, they can immediately use the Airport Assistance Center to communicate on video footage through the robots' screen.