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Top 10 AI Photo Editing Tools in India March 2024

AI Photo Editing Tools

The landscape of photo editing is rapidly changing, and India is at the forefront of adopting new technologies. AI-powered tools are transforming how we edit photos, making professional-looking results achievable for everyone. 

List of the top 10 AI photo editing tools:

For the Overall Best:

Adobe Photoshop (Paid): The industry standard for a reason, Photoshop's 2024 update boasts powerful Generative Fill and Expand features powered by Adobe Sensei AI. These tools allow seamless object addition/removal, background generation, and content-aware image expansion.

For Ease of Use:

Luminar Neo (Paid): Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Luminar Neo offers a suite of AI-powered tools, such as Sky AI for instant sky replacement and AI Portrait for automatic portrait enhancements.

For Batch Editing:

Topaz Photo AI (Paid) is a powerhouse for photographers who work with large batches of images. Topaz utilizes AI for noise reduction, sharpening, and upscaling, making repetitive tasks a breeze.

Free & Feature-Rich Options:

Fotor (Freemium): This user-friendly online editor offers basic AI editing features like background removal and image enhancement. The free plan provides limited access, but paid tiers unlock more powerful AI tools.

Canva (Freemium):  A popular design platform, Canva has embraced AI with its Magic Studio. While not solely on photo editing, it offers AI-powered background removal, image effects, and unique photo manipulation tools.

Pixlr X (Freemium): This free web-based editor offers a surprising amount of AI functionality. Use the AI-powered cutout tool for precise object selection and explore background replacement options.

Mobile-Friendly Tools:

Photoleap by Lightricks (Paid):

This is a powerful mobile app with impressive AI features, such as sky replacement, artistic filters, and portrait editing.

Movavi Photo Editor (Paid): This mobile app offers basic AI editing tools, such as background blur, object removal, and photo enhancement, perfect for quick on-the-go edits.

AI for Artistic Exploration:

Corel Paintshop Pro (Paid): While not solely focused on AI, Paintshop Pro offers unique AI-powered tools like "Style Transfer", which lets you apply artistic styles to your photos with a single click.

Imagen (Paid): This Adobe Lightroom or Camera RAW plugin leverages AI for noise reduction, sharpening, and colour correction. It's a great option for photographers who want to streamline their workflow with AI assistance.

Choosing the Right Tool for You:

This list provides a starting point, but the best AI photo editing tool depends on your needs and budget. Consider factors like:

Ease of Use: How comfortable are you with technology?

Features: What specific editing tasks do you need AI assistance with?

Cost: Are you looking for free or paid options? Freemium models often offer limited features, while paid tools provide more advanced functionalities.

Are you looking for free or paid options? Freemium models often offer limited features, while paid tools provide more advanced functionalities.

The Future of AI Photo Editing in India

With a growing tech-savvy population, India is a prime market for AI-powered photo editing tools. As these tools evolve, we can expect even more user-friendly and powerful features, making professional-quality photo editing accessible to everyone.