WhatsApp Payment Unsuccessful? Competes With Paytm, Phonepe And Gpay

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp has launched its Digital Payments project in India in 2018 with over 10 lakh customers. But WhatsApp has not been able to successfully implement this project in India. Transactions made through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) broke many records.

According to reports, PhonePay dominates the transactions, with a market share of 47%, and GooglePay has a market share of 35%. WhatsApp's figures have plugged in late in the day. WhatsApp currently holds only 0.01% of its UPI tariff. WhatsApp launched the UPI payment service in India in November last year, following the National Payments Corporation of India (NBCI) approval. 

With more than 40 crore customers, WhatsApp is unprecedented in paid services like Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pay. According to cyber expert Pavan Duggal, WhatsApp payments need to be looked at very accurately. He said we should use this carefully as we are handling the most important data for money transfers.

WhatsApp launched the Indian Rupee logo for customers in India. The company expects people making transactions through WhatsApp to increase in India by offering such features. It also offers a cashback offer to Indian users. 

After 48 hours, users can get cashback using WhatsApp payments. However, it is considered that it is not easy to make progress in WhatsApp payments in the fast-growing digital transactions. This seems like the Whatsapp payment needs to be upgraded with interesting features.