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Whatsapp Update: Users Details Will Be Displayed In Group


Whatsapp is one of the most used applications by most of us daily. While WhatsApp has announced several updates considering the users, it has released two new updates for group admins.

The first is a privacy update, allowing admins to decide whether a person can get access to the group or not. The other update focuses on connecting with other people in your Communities.

WhatsApp, owned by Beta Company, has been rolling out many updates regularly. Now WhatsApp has released two updates related to the group. That is, group admins are given the power to manage the WhatsApp group effectively, i.e. decide who can join the group. 

All the details of the person who wants to join the WhatsApp group will be displayed in one place. Based on those details, the group admin can add or remove the person from the group.

Also, when you search for the name of the group you are in, there has been an update to show the group by searching for the name of the person in that group.