Whatsapp Updates: You Can Now Secretly Leave The WhatsApp Group

Representative Image
Representative Image

It has been reported that WhatsApp is testing new technology that will quietly exit the WhatsApp groups. Meta has been making several drastic changes to its WhatsApp site recently. The company releases new versions with the latest updates, thereby providing the users with many good features they need.

Currently, the company is testing a new update to ensure that other users do not know it when leaving the WhatsApp group. So, you have good news.

Usually, when chatting in WhatsApp groups, the conversations disrupt some members and cause them to leave the group. In this case, Whatsapp BetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is testing new technology to exit the WhatsApp groups quietly.

It is said that the company will soon give users the power to leave the group without informing the group. This decision by WhatsApp, an instant messaging site, has sown confidence among users.

This will make it easier for users to log out of unwanted groups. According to a screenshot shared by WhatsApp Beta Info, users and group administrators will only be notified when users leave the group. If someone leaves the group, WhatsApp group members will not be able to see it.