Wipro Layoffs 452 Freshers Over Poor Performance In Internals Test


Globally IT and other companies are laying off employees in droves citing various reasons. This has caused a huge stir among the IT Employees. Wipro IT has now joined the knot of companies including Meta, Amazon, Microsoft and Twitter.

Wipro sacked 452 freshers before joining the job. The IT major confirmed this information on January 20 on the grounds of poor performance even after training. The letter sent to the freshers stated that “despite adequate training, they have failed to perform”.

"We expect every employee who enters the company to have a certain level of expertise for the job assigned to them," Wipro said in its statement. The company was kind enough to waive off the amount. "We wish to inform you that the training cost of Rs 75,000 which you are liable to pay, will be waived off," the letter reads.

Also, Wipro has included some valuations, the report said. In it, "Employees should be appointed according to the company's the production and customer needs. Despite proper and comprehensive guidance and re-training for this, in some cases, there is a situation where employees have to be sent from the company. The expenditure on the training of dismissed freshers was Rs. 75,000 was waived, the data also revealed.