18 Year Old Girl Killed By Family For Dancing With Boys In Pakistan

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 An 18-year-old girl from Kohistan is killed by her parents for dancing with teenagers.  This incident has caused a huge stir in the locality.

A video of an 18-year-old girl from Kohistan, Pakistan, dancing with some teenagers was released and went viral on social media. That particular video came to the notice of the girl's family. After seeing the video, the young girl's family was enraged.

It is said that a village council conducted by the village elders ordered the killing of the young girl in connection with this incident. Accepting the order of the village council, the young girl's family killed their daughter.

After that, the police went to the village and conducted an investigation. Then, the police rescued another girl who was sentenced to death in the same village council.

Similarly, the police rescued the boy from the villagers who had danced with the girl mentioned above. The police arrested the girl's family in connection with the murder.

In this regard, the police said, "We have started an investigation to find out who killed the young girl and who consulted the village council and sentenced the girl to death." 

He added that nobody was above the law and all those involved in the brutal killing would be brought to justice at any cost. The honour killing of the young girl caused a stir in Pakistan.

Notably, annually, numerous women in Pakistan, particularly in conservative rural areas, fall victim to honour killings perpetrated by family members who claim to be safeguarding the family's honour, as reported by human rights organizations.