19-year-old GIrl Gave Birth To Twins But With Different Fathers

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Can you believe that twins born on the same day have different fathers? We have to believe in this scientific development. A 19-year-old woman from Brazil gave birth to twins six months ago. The news shocked even the woman happy with the children's birth. The DNA of the two children at the hospital was also different.

This incident has surprised not only the woman but also the doctors. Adding to the surprise, the babies have been very similar despite being conceived by two different men and born in the same delivery. When the doctors questioned the girl about this, she revealed the details of having sex with two people on the same day a few months ago. 

After that, she got pregnant. One of them was in the hospital with the woman. Immediately, the person's DNA was tested, and only one child was found to be negative. A second boyfriend was then summoned and subjected to a DNA test. Then, the second child's DNA matched. That's when the mystery was lifted.

Doctors said that although this phenomenon is very rare, it is possible. Scientifically, this is called "heteropaternal superfecundation". This is possible if different males fertilize two eggs from the same mother. This happens to only one woman in a million, she said.

Now the children are 16 months old. One of the fathers cares for the children and the young mother together. However, the woman said that she wanted only one of the boys to be included in the twins' birth certificate.