Aliens are Living Among Us on Earth, Says British Astronaut, Helen Sharman

Aliens are Living Among Us on Earth, Says British Astronaut, Helen Sharman
Aliens are Living Among Us on Earth, Says British Astronaut, Helen Sharman

Astronaut, Helen Sharman, does not rule out the possibility of aliens existing on earth: We have watched them in movies, and we have read enough literature about them, in the modern-day. Now, a British astronaut has confirmed the presence of aliens on planet earth.

Helen Sharman British astronaut claims that she did not see them while she was on her way to the Mir station in the year 1991. However, in a recent interview with a publication house, the English astronaut with confidence shared her opinion that extraterrestrial life does exist on the earth and in the universe too. She also stated that she did not have proof of the fact of their existence.

Helen Sharman also went on to add that aliens are far more advanced, and their definition surely goes beyond that of aliens being little men of green hue that use flying saucers. The astronaut also stated that the creatures might not necessarily be made up of elements like nitrogen and carbon-like human beings. However, they may exist among us, and we are not even aware of their very existence.

Commenting on the other forms of life that exist in the universe, the British astronaut told the media publication that there are several billion stars in the entire universe. According to her, there is a possibility that life surely exists in various forms in the universe.

Sharing her experience about being in space, the woman astronaut went on record and said that the entire experience had changed her life. It was through this experience that she learned the value of human beings. Her time in space also taught her that it is people who matter and not the various materialist things. Recalling her experience of being in space, she said that the earth looked very beautiful from high above.

A trained chemist Helen Sharman spent eight days in space in the Russian Mir space station. Subsequently, she was appointed of the Order of the British Empire. For the services that she rendered in a foreign country, the Order of St. Michael and St. George was conferred on her.

The woman, who is credited as the first woman astronaut to venture into space from Britain, currently serves in the chemistry department at Imperial College London. In a recent interview with a media organization, Helen Sharman stated that she is introduced as the first woman from Britain to venture into space. She expressed that it would be appropriate to introduce her as the first Briton to set foot on space.