Why All Eyes On Rafah Trends Among Celebrities On Social Media?

All Eyes On Rafah Trend
All Eyes On Rafah Trend

The ongoing Israel-Palestine war has taken intense talk worldwide following the Israel attack on Rafah on Sunday night against the UN court to suspend its war process in Rafah. This sparked international outrage and initiated a social media trend with the hashtag 'All eyes on Rafah'. 

What is Happening in Rafah?

Gaza Strip people suffered more deaths in recent months due to Israel and Hamas fights. First Israel announced the Palestine people to move from North Gaza to the Middle and South Gaza as they considered Hamas  (a group of people in Palestine against Israel) people to be in the northern Gaza region.

Following the order, the Palestine people moved, and later Israel warned the people to move to south Gaza so they fight against Hamas.

Palestine people turned into refugees in their own country and lived at the end of the border of Gaza in Rafah hoping Israel wouldn't attack them. The people of Palestine built tents in Rafah and lived there as refugees without proper basic needs food, water, and shelter. Palestine people are not allowed to cross the border as Egypt restricts them from entering their country and blocks the way electrocuted fences.

UN court also ordered Israel that they should not attack Rafah as the common public resides there. However, Israel against the UN court order attacked Rafah with bombs after Hamas released a barrage of rockets at the Tel Aviv area, stating Hamas was living among the public. 

Aftermath of Israeli strike Over Rafah:

At least 45 people, including children and women, were killed at a refugee camp in Gaza's Rafah after an Israeli air strike on Sunday, May 26 (IST). The videos recorded during the Rafah attack were released on social media which turned into the International sensation.

The people started to consider this genocide after witnessing the cruel videos where people lost their loved ones and cried over them. Reacting to this public, took to social media to show support for the Palestine people and empathize with them for their condition. With the support of 'All Eyes on Rafah' has been continuously trending on social media since yesterday.

Reason For Israel And Palestine War:

This situation began over a hundred years ago during the First and Second World Wars. During these wars, Jews were the most affected group and found refuge in Palestine. Jerusalem was considered a holy place by Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and was under British rule.

When Palestine gained independence, Jews sought a separate land for themselves. However, rather than dividing the region like North and South, the territories of Palestine and Israel were intermixed, leading to significant problems and conflicts between them.

With constant wars, Israel has an upper hand in the situation and captured many Palestine places that were not liked by the Hamas people.

HAMAS (Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya) and Israel people have a constant fight going on between which never ended this badly over their land and differences.

Celebrities Stories 'All Eyes on Rafah':

Considering the situation, the world people want peace for the Palestine common people who are turned into the real victims of the Israel and Palestine war. Although many are sharing their support for Palestine there are many in support of Israel. Many celebrities are posting the viral post in their stories to express their support to Palestine.

The videos of the aftermath of the strikes are going viral on social media, melting the hearts of the viewers. The attack on innocent children and women has made the public even more furious towards Israel.