Baltimore Bridge Collapse: 6 Missing, Search Underway

Image Credit: @ConservRoof
Image Credit: @ConservRoof

 Six people are missing and presumed dead after a container ship collided with the landmark Francis Scott Key Bridge in the US city of Baltimore.

A large bridge in Baltimore, USA, collapsed yesterday after a cargo ship from Singapore collided with it. The Dali struck a pylon of the bridge at approximately 1:30 a.m. local time (11 a.m. IST) on Tuesday. 

The search for the individuals who drowned is currently underway. A video related to the incident is going viral on various social media platforms.

The Baltimore Police Department spokesman reported that a bridge over the Patapsco River collapsed following a collision with a cargo ship at midnight. Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, it was determined that each part of the bridge collapsed sequentially after the ship collided with it.

Also, many vehicles were passing on the bridge at the time of the incident. Efforts are underway to rescue those who drowned, the spokesperson said.

Officials are searching for at least six members of an eight-person construction crew that was working on repairing potholes on the bridge. Two other individuals have already been rescued from the water. One was unharmed, but the other was seriously injured and taken to the hospital. There was some confusion regarding whether any individuals may still be trapped in cars that were on the bridge when it collapsed.