Who are the Celebrities Infected with Coronavirus So far?

Celebrities Infected with Coronavirus
Celebrities Infected with Coronavirus

Coronavirus infects and even kills celebrities worldwide. Princess Maria Terrassa was the first royal victim to COVID 19 yesterday, March 30.  From the British prime minister to the wife of Candian prime minister, Coronavirus affects celebrities alike as the common man.

Even Prince Charles tested positive and now recovered from it. Oscar-winner Tom Hanks, British actor and Hollywood star Idris Alba and many more are on the long list of celebrities to be affected by Coronavirus. In India, "Baby Doll" singer Kanika Kapoor tests positive for the fourth time and is also the first celebrity to be charged with cases for willfully spreading Coronavirus. 

For the past more than three months, Coronavirus is affecting lakhs in the world and cause death to thousands of them. It does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, or religion, or royal or a common man. It is spreading like fire affecting the mighty and the ordinary alike. The long list of celebrities affected worldwide including

  • The British prime minister Boris Johnson tested positive on March 27.
  • Tom Hanks and his wife and famous singer Rita Wilson on March 11
  • Idris Alba, the British actor-singer and Hollywood star though asymptomatic announced positive for coronavirus infection
  • Spanish princess Maria Teresa, who is the cousin of the Spanish King Felipe VI, died to COVID 19 on March 26
  • Prince Charles tested positive on March 25
  • Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Justin Trudeau, tested positive on March 12
  • Carmen Calvo, deputy prime minister of Spain, tested positive on March 25
  • Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky, is the first senator in the US
  • Monaco's Prince Albert II tested positive on March 26
  • Michel Barnier, who was the chief negotiator for the Brexit in the European Union
  • Francis Suarez, the Miami mayor, tested positive on March 13
  • Luis Sepulveda the famous Chilean writer living in Spain

The long list of celebrities continues and hopefully ends soon. But the Coronavirus does not only end with infecting celebrities and common man worldwide. It is also the cause of postponing many celebrity events like the Olympic 2020 to next year in Japan, Cannes film festival in France to June or July, and many others.