China Imposed Lockdown Again Due To Increasing Covid Cases


Corona was under control in China but for the past few days, the spread of this corona disease in China has started to increase. The Chinese government had therefore ordered the schools to close completely. Additional restrictions are imposed in China.

The coronavirus started infecting from Wuhan, China, in late December 2019. From there, it spread around the world and caused a great stir till now. Corona waves sprouted in the United States and Europe. 

Due to increasing covid cases in China, the flights also have been cancelled. The cases of coronavirus have increased again in five provinces in the north and Beijing, the capital of China.

Thus various restrictions are being re-introduced in China. A complete curfew has been imposed as a precautionary method. The Chinese government has also announced a curfew in the Chinese city of Lanzhou. This is because the corona speed has increased significantly in this Lanzhou area.

In China, vaccination of children over three years of age is made mandatory. In China's five provinces of Hubei, Fujian, Henan, Zhejiang and Hunan, provincial governments have made it compulsory to vaccinate children over three years of age.

The Chinese government recently approved the administration of Sinovac and Sinopharm corona vaccines to children. This was followed by the launch of the Corona Vaccine Program for Boys between the ages of 3 and 17 in various provinces of China. 

Most Chinese parents are unwilling to vaccinate their children. However, it seems that the strict procedures of the government will actively implement the vaccination program for boys.