COVID Positive will Affect Trump's Presidential Election campaign

COVID Positive will Affect Trump
COVID Positive will Affect Trump's Election campaign

One more reason for everyone to wear a mask in public is ascertained yesterday, October 2, with Trump tweeting positive testing and his wife. Late-night he was admitted to the Walter Reed National Medical Military Center in Bethesda. 

It is after complaints of mild fever and fatigue by Trump. He is said to be served with the unproven Regneron created cocktail medicine called REGN-COV2. Many doctors have expressed their opinion against the president taking an unproven medicine for treatment.  

Trump ignored masks

During the early stages of coronavirus spreading across America in February, Trump said on record it is just another virus easy to eradicate. But it went on to kill more than 200,000 Americans and infecting more than seven million.  And even now, more than 1,000 Americans die every day due to it. 

Even after Trump’s ally and former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain died of coronavirus in July. Trump did not consider wearing the mask seriously. He even commented on record that wearing a mask shows weakness. Even after the WHO and CDC confirming wearing masks is better to prevent COVID 19 ailment than a vaccine, Trump continued not to wear a mask.

There were reports with photographs of his closest aide Hope Hicks getting out of the Air Force One on Tuesday without wearing a mask after hours of travel with the president. It is evident that the president would not have also worn the mask on Air Force One. 

COVID 19 positive affect Presidential elections campaign

With only a month for the presidential elections on November 3, Trump going into quarantine will significantly affect his chances of getting re-elected again. Though his doctors confirm that he is in perfect health, he is almost weighing 235 pounds above the average weight for his height and is now 74 years old.  

All have to wait and see what this deadly virus is going to do to the world and the president.