CSK Fans Are Celebrating The Update On Dhoni Decision On IPL 2023

CSK Team
CSK Team

Dhoni has confirmed that he will be playing in next year's IPL series as well. This update has energized the CSK and Dhoni fans.

For Chennai Super Kings, the defending champions of the IPL, this year's IPL series is heading worst. Chennai, who replaced Dhoni at the start of the series under Jadeja's leadership, won just 2 of the first eight matches of the series. This disappointed the CSK fans. 

Most of the players in the Chennai team, including Jadeja, performed poorly in batting and fielding in the current series, so after the 8th match, the captaincy of the Chennai team was handed back to Dhoni. The fans had huge expectations.

Dhoni, who was about to announce his retirement from the IPL this year, handed over the captaincy to Jadeja, considering the future of the Chennai team, but nothing happened to Chennai management. Fear of being is rising among the fans. Especially since the match against Rajasthan Royals is the last match for Chennai in the current series, there were fears among the fans that perhaps Dhoni would announce his retirement.

In this context, Dhoni, in response to a question raised before the start of the match against Rajasthan Royals, has promised that he will definitely play in next year's IPL series.

Asked if he would be playing in the next series, Dhoni said, "Of course, it would not be right for me to announce my retirement here. I will announce my retirement on Chennai soil, which will bring happiness to Chennai and Chennai fans." Chennai team fans are frantically celebrating on social media that Dhoni has confirmed that he will be playing in the next series as well.