Is Trump fine? Donald Trump denounces the NASA Moon Mission with Mars Comments

Donald Trump denounces the NASA Moon Mission with Mars Comments
Donald Trump denounces the NASA Moon Mission with Mars Comments

Trump on Friday denounced NASA's moon mission of taking humans by 2024 and urged to focus on even bigger initiatives like going to Mars.  It is really strange as Trump supported the lunar initiative earlier. For all the money we are spending NASA should not be talking about going to the moon - We did that 50 years ago, the President wrote on Twitter. They must focus on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars, (of which moon is a part) defence and science.  Trump statement created from Air Force One soon after his arrival from Europe.

This was very contrast from the Trump administration's previous push for the initiative of taking humans by 2020. It told that the lunar mission by 2024 of taking humans is any means necessary. This plan was preplanned from the actual goal of 2028. NASA goal is to build an outpost in the space that can relay lunar astronauts.  This is a part of a broader initiative that makes this lunar initiative to be a grounding stage for future missions to Mars.

Trump administration has asked Congress to allocate 1.6 billion dollars for NASA as a down payment to accelerate with its lunar initiative. Thus accelerated timetable was the key component of the New Space Council under Vice President Mike Pence. NASA's website on Friday has revealed that the first woman and the next man on the moon would be sent by 2024 and the sustainable presence of them will be done by 2028. This program is named Artemis, the twin sister of the Moon goddess Apollo according to Greek mythology.

The first man was landed in the moon 50 years ago in the month of June 20 by Apollo mission.  NASA's website also provides details that the lunar mission will be the initial point for the future Mars missions. This would play as the ground for taking up experiments into space.  Private companies are also joining the rays of the Moon.  Billionaire Entrepreneur Jeff Bezos disclosed that his Blue Origin rocket company is building a mockup of a Lunar Lander.