Earthquake: Japan And Afghanistan Facing High Magnitude Earthquake

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While the earthquake in Japan killed 62 people, two earthquakes hit Afghanistan in the middle of the night.

Japan Earthquake:

It is about 300 km from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. A powerful earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hit Ishikawa province on Monday afternoon. As a result, residential and commercial buildings were shaken. Since then, there have been more than 20 minor earthquakes and earthquakes.

Roads, drinking water pipes and railway tracks were also damaged in many areas. Panic-stricken people fled their homes and took shelter on the roads.

The Government of Japan issued a severe tsunami warning for Ishikawa province and a low-level tsunami warning for the surrounding areas after a series of earthquakes. The Japanese government warned people living in settlements located near the coast to leave their homes and move to safer areas.

It has now been revealed that Ishikawa province suffered severe damage from the earthquake, and thousands of houses have been razed. At least 62 people have been confirmed dead in the debris so far, officials said on Wednesday.

Afghanistan Earthquake:

Afghanistan's National Commission for Seismology has informed that there have been two consecutive earthquakes in Fayzabad. The first quake struck at 12:28 am IST. The magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck at a distance of 126 km from Faizabad. This was followed by a second earthquake at 12:55 am. It had a magnitude of 4.8 and occurred at a depth of 100 km from Earth. The earthquake struck twice in 30 minutes.