Google Doodle honours Dr. Herbert Kleber

Google Doodle honours Dr. Herbert Kleber
Google Doodle honours Dr. Herbert Kleber

Google Doodle honours Dr. Herbert Kleber today to celebrate 23 years of him being becoming the member of National Academy of Science: Many seeing the logo of Google today, may wonder who is the older man on its logo today? Google Doodle is honouring one of the best doctors of America, Dr. Herbert Kleber.

Only on this same day, 23 years ago Dr. Herbert Kleber was selected as the member of the prestigious National Academy of Science. Also, he died last year on 5th October after spending more than half a century finding ways to reduce substance abuse.

Dr. Herbert Kleber changed the science of drug abuse: Until 1968, when Dr. Herbert Kleber started Drug Dependence unit at Yale University School of Psychiatry, drug abuse was considered as moral character failure. He is responsible for making the world believe that substance abuse is more of a medical condition, rather than a moral character failure. He also, with his continuous efforts proved that it could be treated only by research, medication, and therapy. He was instrumental for pioneering modern addiction psychiatry.

Numerous helpless drug addicts are being saved every day around the world by many efforts by Dr. Herbert Kleber including

  • Starting for the first time a drug dependency unit in Yale University School of Psychiatry
  • Served as the Deputy Director of Demand Reduction at National Drug Control Policy in White house
  • Co-founded and the director of the Substance Abuse Division within the department of psychiatry at Columbia University
  • Headed numerous projects and found new methods to treat problems concerning the addicts of cocaine, heroin, prescription opioid, alcohol, and marijuana.
  • Co-founded National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University 
  • He was an author and co-author to more than 250 research papers on substance abuse 
  • He was the co-editor of the famous American Psychiatric Press Textbook for Substance Abuse Treatment which is now in its fourth edition
  • Dr. Herbert Kleber was a member of the board of Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Treatment research institute at Pennsylvania University, Betty Ford Institute and many more

From time unknown addiction like love and God was part and parcel of human beings. But till the time of one of the best doctors in America, Dr. Herbert Kleber, it was considered more of a moral character failure. But only by the stupendous effort of Dr. Herbert Kleber, it was known to the world that is more of a medical condition, which can be treated by medicines.

It can as a big reprieve to millions of people who become victims to various forms of substance abuse. With more than 50 years of his continuous efforts, he mentored generations of researchers who all went on to be leaders in the substance abuse field. 

Millions of substance abusing addicts who are cured by the efforts of Dr. Herbert Kleber will remember him for their whole life. Google Doodle to honour such a great doctor who pioneered substance abuse treatments has changed its logo today.

Google Doodle honours Dr. Herbert Kleber Dr. Herbert David Kleber. Photo Courtesy of Anne Burlock Lawver