Google has made 4.7 Billion Dollars from News in 2018 whereas US Newspapers Struggle

Google News
Google News

The New York Times report has made a comparison between Google and the news industry in the United States of America estimating an amount of 5.1 billion dollars from digital advertising. It reveals that more than 40% of the Clicks on Google trending queries today offer news. And the interesting fact is not produced by the Tech giant itself. It is common to see small and medium newspapers to shut down their shops and big media houses journalist worldwide.

However, the Tech giant Google alone has made 4.7 billion dollars from its search in Google news in 2018. It matches up to how much nearly then to US News industry made it the whole last year. The report was created from the news media Alliance for data more than 2000 newspapers that works across the United States of America.

David Chavern, the president and  chief executive of the  news media alliance said, "Journalist who create that content deserve a cut off that 4.7 billion dollars make money of this arrangement and their needs to be a better outcome for news Publishers"  He added that an outcome of any conversation generated by the study would be the passage of the journalism competition and preservation act it was first introduced by democratic David Cicilline, in 2018 will provide the online publishes the opportunity to collectively negotiate with dominant online platforms regarding the terms on which day content may be distributed.

Google and Facebook control the distribution of news per cent of the external traffic is by the two companies to various news websites. The study of New York magazine also revealed that one and five local newspapers in the US have closed since 2004. And from 2008 to 2017 Newsroom employment has declined by 23% thereby representing nearly 27000 jobs. Google is yet to comment on the study and its Revelations.