Google Pay Shutdown: Replaces By Google Wallet in US

Google Pay Shutdown
Google Pay Shutdown

Google Pay is an online mobile payment service application developed by Google to provide in-app online transactions. This app enables users to make payments using their Android smartphones, tablets, or watches. It is rumoured that Google will soon be shutting down this secure mobile payment service in the US.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet was Google's initial attempt to enable money transactions on Android phones. But Google Pay replaces this app and Android Pay. But the tech giant Google has said in a blog that it is going to shutdown this secure online payment in the US this June 2024.

US Google Pay Users Have to Switch to Google Wallet

Google Wallet is also similar to Google Pay. Google Wallet has other significant functionalities like the potential to store virtual loyalty or membership cards, credit or debit cards, bus or flight passes, tickets, and more.

If you are among the many US users who use Google Pay in your Android or Galaxy smartphones for money transactions and payments, then you need to switch to Google Wallet. Because Google Pay might not be working from June 2024.

Three Changes Users Need to Be Aware of GPay Shutting Down

  • After June 4, users can transfer funds and check balances to their accounts using Google Wallet.
  • Since Google Wallet is similar to Google Pay, users can utilize this app on Android or Galaxy smartphones.
  • From June 4, US GPay Users will not be able to send, receive, or request payment on the app.

This information is provided in a blog by Google. So, it would be best to switch to Android Pay if you are an Android user or Samsung Wallet if you are a Galaxy smartphone user. Because Google Pay will no longer be available in the US starting June 2024. Otherwise, you can start making use of Google Wallet, which has similar functionalities to Google Pay.