Honour Killing: Video Of Man Walked In Street With Wife Head In Iran

Sajjad Haydari And His Wife Mona Heidari
Sajjad Haydari And His Wife Mona Heidari

A horrifying video shows an Iranian guy smirking as he walks through the streets clutching his 17-year-old wife's severed head has become the more sensational talk on social media. 

A young man is walked frantically down the street holding a human head in his hand caused a great stir. The street people who saw it were reported to be screaming and running. Following this, the investigation was expedited. 

After the investigation, it was revealed that it was the head of Mona Heidari. She is just 17 years old, and the man who carried the head was her husband. She was forcibly married to her cousin Sajjad Heydari at the age of 12, and now she has a 3-year-old boy baby. 

During the investigation, it was revealed that the woman Mona Heidari lived in the southwestern city of Ahvaz, Iran. She was just 17 years old. It is said that her husband beheaded her due to family differences. Her husband doubted, and it is said that he killed her over suspicion of adultery.

Honour killings are common in various parts of Iran, owing to social beliefs and the Islamic Republic's lenient laws and harsh punishments, which encourage the practice. Police arrested the woman's husband and brother-in-law. An investigation is underway. The investigation revealed that the husband and his brother had cut off the wife's head in anger. Sajjad Heydari walked with honour in the streets, holding his wife head in his hands.

A video of this man with a severed head on the street has circulated on Iranian social media sites, with many condemning it. Following the murder of this woman, there have been calls for reform of laws to protect women against domestic violence and for raising the legal age for marriage for women. Iran's deputy leader for women's affairs has called on parliament to take immediate action on the case. They urged the authorities to create awareness to prevent such incidents.