243rd Independence day of the United States of America

243rd Independence day of the United States of America
243rd Independence day of the United States of America

July 2 1776, is one of the special days to be considered in the history of America. The United States of America got its independence from the British Empire, and the Nation was voted on by the second Continental Congress crude on July 2 1776.  

The final approval received on 4th of July and eventually, July 4 1776, is the official Independence day of America. A new nation with new thoughts was born. The United States of America celebrates 243rd Independence day. 

In Salem, Fireworks show organised Memorial Park, and many kids friendly activities took place. In Colombiana big Fireworks hosted at the Firestone Park. On the Guilford Lake annual parade of boats were held and the theme for this when was "Make your own boat". 

This day is meant to enjoy and appreciate the individual freedom, and this was the dream of many leaders who worked hard the Nation. That day on July 4 1776,  the Continental Congress adopted the declaration of independence in a meeting that held in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania state house which is now called as the Independence Hall. 

It is in this declaration the American colonies were called to be free and independent States. Benjamin Franklin,  John Adams  Thomas Jefferson Roger Sherman and Robert R Livingston were in the committee to draft the declaration. 

Most of the document was written by Jefferson as he was regarded as the strongest and the most eloquent writer. In short, the declaration said,   In the journey of humans, there comes a time which is essential for one group of people to dissolve the political bonds and believe themselves to be the power of the earth. 

The required equality is the entitlement of the laws of nature. It is the time when humankind opinions demand respect. It is in that moment fruits such as all men are equal with rights and some powers to be accepted universally.